The Left and Right are Wrong


First Bill Clinton calls ACA, crazy. Now Jerry Brown chimes in. “Gov. Jerry Brown stuck to his skeptical view on matters of broad healthcare reform on Wednesday, dismissing the idea of a universal healthcare system as something akin to a financial impossibility. “Where do you get the extra money? This is the whole question,”


“Some have severe mental health problems resulting from broken families or parental neglect, exposure to violence in their home country, and a traumatic experience coming here illegally.” – Jessica Vaughan, Center for Immigration Studies Illegal aliens that go on to commit crimes other than ICE violations are now called, refugees. If refugees are dangerous (for whatever reason, even psychological), then why…

Is this war?

This Civil War will be fought in the Courts and The Court of Public Opinion. Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of tiny legal battles. Every deportation hearing will be litigated. Every visa denial will be appealed. Every school board seat and local sheriff election will be ideology tested. Every word, statement, innuendo, accusation, implication, hyperbole made by anyone will be…


Change in US politics? When Identity and Equality politics no longer pays well, or wins elections. Term limits — a must, to end Career Politicians. Not much can be done though about the billionaire puppet masters and their mercenaries.

Rand and ACA

Rand Paul (an MD) of all people should know that no private insurance industry can backstop the health care for 330,000,000 rapidly aging and increasingly unhealthy people. Yes to pre-existing conditions, no cancellations, no lifetime caps, no risk adjustments other than age, subsidized for those making under $100,000 per year (approx.), no mandates … No way !!! Rand, be honest.…

Sessions in session

The People continue to let The Opposition move the goal posts. Foreigners and illegal aliens now has US Constitutional rights. Communicating, talking with Russians is somehow impeachable. And more. Valuable ground The People are giving up.

The ICE paradox

Until the illegal status issue is resolved more broadly through deportation, self-deportation or amnesty, we do have a paradoxically very unsafe situation. Serious criminals can prey on illegal aliens, and since the victims might not report the crime(s), the serious offenders could continue on and victimize other illegal aliens AND possibly citizens and legal residents. The paradox: Enforcing ICE laws…