Money laundering

The main problem now for Trump and his family is that any major (or minor) real estate deal (at any time, even long before Trump was POTUS) involving Russian big wigs and anything Trump might be called “money laundering” by political enemies.

The bigger question is what will the US do about Russians, Chinese, ME that keep buying huge boatloads of US property.  Will US officials care where the money came from and how the buyers got it out of their home countries?

Big Pharma

A bio-ethical quandary is a drug patent.  We can’t stop someone from making a profit, but what if they practically “own” a disease or affliction?

DACA is cruel

DACA is terrible public policy. Really cruel. Keep some good ones and kick the rest out? Who thought of that?

Let anyone stay, then we have to let everyone stay … and really everyone in. Nothing else makes any logical, ethical, legal sense. Means test a human being? C’mon man.

Health care is not complicated

Health care might be complicated biologically speaking, but payments and insurance raise simple questions.

(1)  If you get really sick or injured, will your friends and neighbors pay your bills? Should they pay them?  Could they even afford to pay them?

(2)  Then, who will insure the uninsurable?  How much will that cost?

(3)  Why is OK for the government to take money from people with incomes above the MAGI cliff and give it to people below?