Global Constitution and Bill of Rights

We are today, officially calling for, no demanding, a Global Constitutional Convention.  Any Country that wants to join the Global Union (GU) and participate in global trade and/or travel shall be governed by the laws of the Global Constitution (GC) and its Bill of Rights (GBR) and so are their citizens as a consequence.

The main principle will be the sanctity of life.

Any Country not agreeing to the GC and GBR shall be barred from international trade and travel.  Furthermore, those Countries will be subject to voluntary (or involuntary) inspections for military weapons and human rights abuse.

Please register here to support this movement.  NO solicitations or donations.


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Obama’s immigration is plan is immoral

When a ship sinking or at least taking on water, you don’t add passengers.  Obama’s plan is not pragmatic, practical, or affordable.

Obama’s plan is highly immoral.  You don’t reward lawbreakers.  Line jumping is a sin most any place in the world.  There are many millions of people world-wide truly in dire straits and much more deserving of a place in the USA vs. many of the millions of illegal aliens currently in the country.

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The problem is the problem is

How many times have you read an article or heard a speech that starts with, “the problem is”?


One of our BIG problems is that the landscape is littered with people who just say, “the problem is”.  Furthermore, the s0-called problem is often described as a crisis like yelling fire in a crowded theatre even though the speaker wouldn’t know how to put out the fire (if there was one) to begin with.

Many of these sooth-sayers have an all too common affliction called “PhDism”.  An arcane highly specialized degree in gothic romance novels or the sex life of a Malaysian tree frog (or even neurosurgery) catapults them to positions of power and influence in media and government and somehow confers knowledge about almost every societal issue from immigration to climate change. Maybe Malaysian tree frogs migrate or their climate is changing.

The other “problem is” group just screams crisis for almost every issue.  These folks (usually politicians) almost never take a side or offer solutions (even if there was such a thing for highly polarized issues) in attempt to galvanize every group imaginable and not alienate any group.  They just say “we must reform, we must put an end to” this or that and stop there.

The next time someone leads with the, “problem is”, you might want to stop right there.

Where are leaders that start with, “wow, I’m not sure, this is a tough one, anyway we go someone will be unhappy, someone gets hurt”.


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ACA is not insurance

ACA is NOT insurance.  ACA is more like a co-op, a communist-like (not necessarily a bad thing) shared cost pool. All people (all risks) are “forced” to jump in the pool and pay what they can and take out what they need.

Constant tweaking and extreme command and control must be applied for the plan to break even financially.

Since some issues cannot be controlled, an aging demographic for example, rationing and behavioral controls (where your seatbelts) MUST be applied from time-to-time.


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Left and Right

When Hillary is embroiled in a scandal of any proportion, she alienates x number of voters.  When she is “attacked” by her political enemies (her words), she cements voter support x times over.  Why are the pundits so perplexed by this political phenomena.

Parts of the electorate HATE each other much more than they hate liars.  The Dem/Lib/PC party has successfully and skillfully played divide and conquer, usually with a carrot but sometimes with a stick, sometimes with laws and regulations and often times with just words.  The hatred and divisiness is consciously and purposefully fomented by the ruling class and media.

The number of interest groups (economic and idealogical) that are now pitted against each other is a very large and complex matrix.  Many of the folks running the casino and the referees become very wealthy.

Over time, the quality of life for all the participants declines and degrades, except for the Democratic Socialist ruling class and the 1% Democratic Capitalists, and even violence often occurs.


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School district employs bouncer

Two people lost their tempers and the smaller lost the fight (could have been worse) and the bigger one lost a career. The girl appeared to be ready to throw down with guy.

Nobody knows what the girl might have experienced in her environment earlier that day or earlier that week. Usually these kids are really crying out for help when they are disruptive. The argument that the other kids can’t learn as a result is an end justifies the means issue.

Two loose cannons. Both needed help and counseling long before this incident.

Now it could very well be that the District had this “bouncer” in place and gave him the tacit authority to show who’s boss when he is finally called in.

Guess we will see in court.

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H-1B Visas

Tech companies can’t find talented US citizens???

H-1B workers are sponsored by the employer and therefore are effectively BOUND to that employer and lose market rights and leverage.  Same issue with undocumented workers. These workers can therefore be paid a fraction of market rates and worked a much longer work week. Case closed.

Look at the Silicon Valley class action labor lawsuit where the Big Boys colluded and agreed not to poach each others so-called, “talent”.

Look up what some companies say in their SEC filings about H-1B visa workers.

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Free college tuition

If free public college tuition becomes US policy, most all current student debt would also need to be forgiven.

Otherwise, an entire class of people shouldered with student debt relative to their peers would be economically non-competitive.  Like carrying an anchor in the race.

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Oregon shooting

Just read what the shooter said.  What do you think he meant by “alpha” and “beta” males?  What did he mean by “I don’t have a girlfriend” and “this is for the Chads and Stacies?

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Trump? Ask yourself a few questions

You are a vulnerable resident living right in the path of another US natural disaster like Katrina or Sandy. Your options are limited and you are counting on the Fed govt. for help. Who would you prefer to see in the Whitehouse?  Trump, Carson, Hillary, Paul, Obama …. ?

You are literally terrorized and living in constant fear of a well organized, funded, and armed third world militia.  Their plans are not only local but also an attack on US interests, maybe even on US soil.  Who would you prefer as President of the US?  Trump, Hillary, Obama, Jeb, Paul …. ?

You live in fear of a well organized, funded, and armed US inner city gang?  Drugs and violence is their game.  Who would you prefer as President of the US?  Trump, Hillary, Obama, Jeb, Paul, Emanuel, Blasio …. ?

Ask yourself, all things considered, who would you prefer?

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