Khan Aademy

We have continually reminded everyone that “you can’t teach talent”.

Even Sal seems to finally be coming around stating that his video system is simply for disseminating information.  Along the way, maybe some so-called Einsteins will be discovered.

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And the beat goes on …

John McCain explained to Bill O’Reilly on Thursday why he called Donald Trump supporters “crazies” — a term he considers endearing.

“It was meant in jest,” the Arizona Senator told the Fox News host. “I view it as a term of endearment,” he continued, adding he’s been called crazy by hecklers at town halls and it’s all part of the political game.

“As you’ve seen Gov Walker is now well ahead of everyone not named DumbDumb (aka Trump) in the national polls,” Slayton reportedly wrote in a fundraising invitation.

In his Saturday speech, Trump responded by saying a Walker presidency would be no different from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner. He also tore into Walker’s record as governor.

Trump’s support is strongest with Republicans in the Midwest, conservatives across the country who do not have a college degree and (perhaps not surprisingly) those who report the most negative views of immigration and Mexican immigrants in particular, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released last week.

“It’s a very simple tactic for self-promotion,” Hayek says of Trump’s jingoistic statements. “What’s sad is how easily people are manipulated. I’m not insulted because I cannot be insulted by stupidity. Everybody’s entitled to have uninformed opinions. Everybody’s entitled to be dumb. But I’m not dumb, so I see through the manipulation. We have something to learn from this. That is that the educated people or the people with great human values have to wake up, because they are under the illusion that most of this country is like them and sometimes they don’t even go to vote.”

Crazies, jackass, a cancer, DumbDumb, less-educated …

All terms of endearment?

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Trump’ing continues …

The “stuff” seems to continue unabated …

New York City Councilman Eric Ulrich (R) wants to rename the “Trump Pavilion” of a hospital in his district as a result of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s controversial recent comments about Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona).

Earlier this month, New York City Councilman Mark Levine (D) urged Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) to end Trump’s concession contracts with the city, which include an ice skating rink and a planned golf course on public parkland.

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Tiger Parenting

Tiger kids don’t want to learn, improve, or get better at math or tennis, they just want to be better than the next kid.  To “beat” that kid.  Do the tiger kids want to solve problems and save the world, or just win the spelling bee or a piano competition.  What the heck is a piano competition anyway?

Educators (and admissions offices) who “get it”, call this extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation.

Would it be much better to cooperate and team-up with that other kid?

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Trump on McCain

McCain started it.  He branded tens of thousands, maybe 100’s or even millions of Trump followers as, “crazies”.  You insult or attack Trump, he hits back.

Like him or not, responders (to Trump comments) lose credibility when they know damn well what he said and/or meant but cast it differently.

McCain, unlike Forrest Gump for example, is called a war hero because he was captured AND survived tortuous conditions vs. running into the line of fire to save fellow soldiers.

The point, the important issues:
How are US vets being treated?
How is US immigration policy working, especially along the southern border?

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Trump on Immigration

Are readers seeing the same thing?

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Oxymoron – The United States

The “United” States is now anything but.  Citizens, legal and illegal, are increasingly identifying along racial, ethnic, national, religious, and gender lines.

The balkanization of America continues in full force where fewer and fewer people identify as, or call themselves Americans.

How did this happen?  Why did it happen?  Is it a serious problem?

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We are now firmly in the era of words and symbols. Not surprising since more and people through FaceBook, Twitter, etc. do more talking and less doing.  Words speak louder than actions now.

Immigration Reform 2015: California Set To Remove The Word ‘Alien’ From State Labor Code

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Michael Meyers, president of the New York Civil Rights Coalition — a voice of reason.

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Let’s see, George Will compares Trumps’ comments on the gauntlet women and children run on the US southern border to Todd Aiken’s comments on rape?

The commentators who prefer to talk rather than do get crazier and crazier.

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