Racist and discriminatory

How much more racist and discriminatory can a US based group be? They don’t even call themselves, “Latin-American”.  The road to balkanization continues. The Miami Herald reports …

Miami’s Latin Builders Association, which bills itself as the nation’s largest Hispanic construction trade group, has dumped Donald Trump over his strident remarks on immigration.

The LBA planned to hold its biennial gala for its new president at the Trump National Doral resort in November. The group gave the hotel notice Thursday that it is rescinding its contract.

“Most regrettably, Mr. Trump’s recent pattern of bigoted, sexist and ignorant verbal assaults on immigrants, women and veterans have made hosting the installation gala at the resort unfeasible,” LBA Executive Director Melissa Tapanes Llahues told members at a luncheon at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.

“It is unfortunate that such a majestic location is now inextricably associated with someone who is simply antithetical and repugnant to the LBA’s legacy and mission.”

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“Uniform health-care coverage is a laudable policy objective.”

But how will we pay for it?
With checking account with over-draft protection?

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Mexico in control

Mexico is now in control of US policy by holding an election turning % of the US electorate.

“We continue to stand by our position that these comments reflect prejudice, racism or plain ignorance,” Mexico’s foreign ministry said in a statement, according to The Guardian.

“Anyone who understands the depth of the U.S.-Mexico relationship realizes that those proposals are not only prejudiced and absurd, but would be detrimental to the well-being of both societies.”

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Mark Cuban is reported to have said, “That’s my biggest fear, that they’ll grow up to be entitled jerks”  referring to his kids.

Other parents (AND their kids) fear that their kids will have to go to school with and deal with those “jerks” day in and day out.

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Trump and words

When we (at least sane people) thought it could not get any crazier.

The “blood” sport is reading between Trumps’ lines!

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GOP debate

If you think Kelly was way out of bounds.

A petition is running here


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The Republicans want to control what you can do and how you behave.

The Democrats want to control what you think and what you can say.

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Khan Aademy

We have continually reminded everyone that “you can’t teach talent”.

Even Sal seems to finally be coming around stating that his video system is now simply for disseminating information.  Along the way, Kahn says, maybe some so-called Einsteins will be discovered.

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And the beat goes on …

John McCain explained to Bill O’Reilly on Thursday why he called Donald Trump supporters “crazies” — a term he considers endearing.

“It was meant in jest,” the Arizona Senator told the Fox News host. “I view it as a term of endearment,” he continued, adding he’s been called crazy by hecklers at town halls and it’s all part of the political game.

“As you’ve seen Gov Walker is now well ahead of everyone not named DumbDumb (aka Trump) in the national polls,” Slayton reportedly wrote in a fundraising invitation.

In his Saturday speech, Trump responded by saying a Walker presidency would be no different from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner. He also tore into Walker’s record as governor.

Trump’s support is strongest with Republicans in the Midwest, conservatives across the country who do not have a college degree and (perhaps not surprisingly) those who report the most negative views of immigration and Mexican immigrants in particular, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released last week.

“It’s a very simple tactic for self-promotion,” Hayek says of Trump’s jingoistic statements. “What’s sad is how easily people are manipulated. I’m not insulted because I cannot be insulted by stupidity. Everybody’s entitled to have uninformed opinions. Everybody’s entitled to be dumb. But I’m not dumb, so I see through the manipulation. We have something to learn from this. That is that the educated people or the people with great human values have to wake up, because they are under the illusion that most of this country is like them and sometimes they don’t even go to vote.”

Crazies, jackass, a cancer, DumbDumb, less-educated …

All terms of endearment?

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Trump’ing continues …

The “stuff” seems to continue unabated …

New York City Councilman Eric Ulrich (R) wants to rename the “Trump Pavilion” of a hospital in his district as a result of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s controversial recent comments about Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona).

Earlier this month, New York City Councilman Mark Levine (D) urged Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) to end Trump’s concession contracts with the city, which include an ice skating rink and a planned golf course on public parkland.

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