Carrier and Mexico

INDYSTAR says the following:

The decision to cut 2,100 manufacturing jobs across the state was financial, according to a statement from Carrier, which will begin eliminating its Indianapolis workforce in 2017 and continue the layoffs through 2019.

Carrier’s workers are classified in a two-tier wage system.

A quarter of the workers make about $14 an hour, or $30,000 a year. The rest, however, make about $26 an hour, or about $55,000, but earn well above $70,000 a year with overtime, said Chuck Jones, president of United Steelworkers Local 1999, which represents the Carrier workers who will lose their jobs.

The Mexican workers replacing Carrier employees will earn a base wage of $3 an hour, which is $23 less than some of the top-paid employees in Indianapolis.

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“I would love to take each Islamist, separately, and walk him through the immorality of his toxic beliefs.”  You will need Freud and Masters & Johnson, psychologists and psychiatrists for this step, not politicians.  Remember, many Muslim women actually prefer being covered head-to-toe and same sex swimming hours.  They know (or fear) THEIR man will go crazy if another man looks at her as well as possibly the other man doing the looking.

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Declare war

Declare war on who, what, and where?  A phrase?  The Left logic and US constitution stands in the way.

All Islamists embrace Islam; all Muslims embrace Islam; but NOT all Muslims are Islamists and NOT all Islamists actually cross the line and commit Acts of Terror.

US law shields Islamists in at least three ways.  (1) Freedom of speech, (2) freedom from religion, perverted in this case and many others to mean freedom of religion, (3) innocent until proven guilty.

Lastly, the Left is quick to brand anyone proposing quarantine or a short term travel ban to fight the “disease” as racist, xenophobes, anti-immigrant, Islamaphobic, not who we are, cold hearted, etc., etc.

Inside and outside of the Muslim community, a close look at the language, teachings, and interpretations of Islam, Sharia, the Koran and related cultural practices is underway.

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Lone wolves

Lots of men are “bewitched” by women and can’t deal with the daily sexual “tension”. The affliction ranges from lone wolves to high level corporate and political execs.

Civilizing male homo sapiens ain’t gonna be easy.

At least the Left has posters and training sessions for them.

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Great Britain has it right

It appears what we need is more like Great Britain.  A monarchy that can preach, talk, and say what ought to be (“that’s not who we are” over and over again) but can’t really interfere too much, and a parliament that gets “stuff” done.

The monarchy could in theory be as corrupt as it wants personally and professionally with little harm to the Republic.  If people want to give “gifts” to Kaine or the Clinton Foundation, or pay for speeches, so what.  They wouldn’t be able to peddle influence any way.

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Mark Cuban says: “Americans Are Nothing Like Trump”

Cuban likely has many horses in the race.  Somebody ask him what Hillary could possibly do for him.

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More words

OK, the Right will cede to the Left and now call it “lashing together [of] reactionary and millenarian forces” that include “jihadists, sectarian warriors, orthodox mullahs [and] Islamic revivalists.”

Now what?  Did that make it better?

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More crazy talk

“Don’t give money to Bowdoin or any other school that serves amazing food in its dining hall.”

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More simple logic

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”.  Finally someone that understands a big part of the problem.  The bad guys think they are right! Even if some call them crazy and evil.  Now, why is the question. Something can’t be A and not A at the same time.

How are these “fighters” motivated?  What triggers them?  Like the Left now insists, words matter.  Listen to the words of the Ruling Class and The Media.  What do they say about their sympathies and to what extent do they trigger the so-called “fighters”?

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What should we do?

Be thankful for freedom of the press.  There are obviously at least the following kind and types of people in positions of power, policy making, and The Media.

(1) Just not very bright.  The guilt by association concept is where they peaked.  (2) In business for personal enrichment and/or power, the best interests of the people be damned. (3) Basically just asleep at the switch.  Busy with personal “stuff”, assigning the work to low level aids, etc. (4) Unable or unwilling to answer a simple, straightforward, in their area of expertise with a simple straightforward answer or just a Yes/No. (5) Engaged in plainly nefarious “stuff”.  Maybe criminal, maybe fraud, negligence, carelessness, and so on. (6) Unable or unwilling to manage confidential information.

What should be done with these folks both before and after they are elected or appointed to high positions of power and influence?

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