College costs

“Costs are up at almost all colleges. One year at a nonprofit, four-year private college, including tuition, room and board, currently costs $48,510, compared with $22,240 in the 2000-2001 academic year.

Meanwhile, the median family income, after accounting for inflation, was $59,039 in 2016, little different from what it was in 2000 ($58,544).” — CNBC


The statistics reveal that 40 million people are enslaved right now. About 20 million are trapped in labor slavery, about 5 million are exploited in sex slavery, about 15 million are enslaved in forced marriages. Women and girls account for 71 percent of the total; children are about 25 percent of the total. The study found that 89 million people have experienced some form of modern slavery during the past five years, ranging from a few days to several years.


Health care in the US

Problem1: hospitals must treat, but patients don’t have to pay

Problem2: mom ‘n pop can’t compete with tax deductible health care benies offered by Apple and Google

Problem3: bad tax policy that perturbs the economy, behaviors, and causes rampant health care related inflation

How to implement Open Borders policy

How to implement open borders while still advocating for “border security”?  What are the tricks?

Step1:  Block the construction of a passive physical barrier at the border(s). Get migrants on US soil by hook or by crook.

Step2: Under the interpretation and application of current US immigration laws, regulations, decrees and related court rulings BORDER SECURITY WILL NOT WORK.  Implement catch and release.

How does border security stop trespassers from walking, running, jumping, swimming, flying onto US soil and taking up long term US residency (for 2 to 20 years or more practically speaking)?

Step3: Allow a claim for asylum in the US for a catch-all any “humanitarian reason”.

How does border security stop asylum fraud?

Step4: Overwhelm the legal system.

And the intentional flood of the legal system effectively makes the simple claim defacto legal US residency WITH substantial taxpayer benefits for a very long time.

The worst case is a free trip home IF found and deported. There is NO deterrent. What if shoplifters merely had to return the stolen loot?

Wait, wait. There’s more …
While on US soil, the parents are REWARDED since any children born are given US citizenship (of all things).

Asylum and Open Borders

Open borders … one way or the other.

The next serious challenge will be from the “independent” Judiciary. The argument will be that Trump is impeding a reasonable (in the eye of the beholder) asylum claim flow rate (for humanitarian reasons) and the migrants rights are being violated.

The ruling will be that ANY non-citizen anywhere anytime has the unfettered right to cross safely and quickly onto US soil and ask for asylum for any “humanitarian reason.  The wait time for a hearing will be 10 to 40 years because of the flood of applicants. To find and deport those denied asylum will be another 10 to 40 years.

The net effect is legal US residency for a long period of time WITH significant asylee benefits.