Health care in the US

Problem1: hospitals must treat, but patients don’t have to pay

Problem2: mom ‘n pop can’t compete with tax deductible health care benies offered by Apple and Google

Problem3: bad tax policy that perturbs the economy, behaviors, and causes rampant health care related inflation

Health care options

ACA is expensive catastrophic asset protection or those with assets to protect and those with little or no income.

No lifetime caps and no risk adjustments other than age. Not a bad deal for people that need it and want it.

Just make it a public option.

The Right needs to explain who makes the patient financially whole after a 6 or 7 $figure medical episode. ACA is expensive, but catastrophic asset protection. Unless people can post a bond or show evidence of million dollar+ financial responsibility, or unless people can and will waive their right to treatment, who pays?

Wedge issues

The Democrats voted overwhelmingly for The Secure Fence Act … when they knew it would not be funded or enforced. The GOP voted for ACA repeal when they knew …

Anyone see a pattern?

Career Politicians won’t easily solve good wedge issues that can be used again and again and again. They all need a villain.

An American Revolution

How can the US govt “force” a Middle Class family of four to pay $2500/month for health insurance? When will ACA be $5,000/month?

Off-shore jobs, infettered, illegal immigration, H1b, preferences for jobs and college admissions to protected groups, then scholarships and financial aid (paid for by Middle Class taxpayers!) …..

How much more pain can the Middle Class stand? Will anyone represent them?

Remember the American Revolution?

Health care insurance is not complicated

Simple questions. Health care is NOT complicated.

(1) If an American citizen experiences a serious and seriously expensive medical condition or episode, who makes the patient financially whole again? Except of course for the ACA premiums.

(2) Can the US govt. “force” a typical family of four to pay $2500/month for health insurance?

(3) When will ACA be $5,000/month for that family?