Politicians continually fanning the flames need to turn down the volume. They must stop condemning and insulting anyone they disagree with. And, stop making enemies between Identity and Interest Groups.

The Machines are Coming!

Ignore The Russians are Coming and The Machines are Coming!
Regulation and globalism have put US labor out of work. People in the work force are a possible asset, but also a big contingent liability.
Robots don’t sue or assert any of 100’s of human workers’ rights.
And US citizens can’t “waive” their rights as do H-1B and illegal alien workers.
Workers organize or a little wage inflation? Employers then just move the jobs off-shore.


According to AEI, Oct 2013

“Why do public school teachers send their own children to private schools at a rate 2X the national average?”

“Philadelphia Public School Teachers: 44% enroll their own children in private schools, or four times the national average.”

Malthusian social experiments

Some suggest that everyone should have the right to “chase the American dream”. Where will all of those dreamers work and live and go to school while in the hunt? How do they survive? Public assistance? Millions of people and only a relative handful of jobs and living spaces. After all there are only 500 Fortune 500 CEO positions and they don’t turnover that often. What exactly will people do while they wait?

When some organizations claim to be able to turn one US dollar into many meals for people in need in their native countries, why foist a Malthusian social experiment on immigrants and US or European citizens? Does then Open Borders group enjoy real world Hunger Games?