Ruling Class logic

Here they go again …

“Those with the strongest claim to significant tuition assistance are students who have persevered to complete a degree that will pave the way for employment, more advanced training or both. Indifferent students should not be rewarded for filling their classroom seats anymore than children should be encouraged to fill their plates with food they do not care to eat.”

And, as usual, asked but never answered …

“The question is always who pays how much, and what they should reasonably expect for their money.”

School district employs bouncer

Two people lost their tempers and the smaller lost the fight (could have been worse) and the bigger one lost a career. The girl appeared to be ready to throw down with guy.

Nobody knows what the girl might have experienced in her environment earlier that day or earlier that week. Usually these kids are really crying out for help when they are disruptive. The argument that the other kids can’t learn as a result is an end justifies the means issue.

Two loose cannons. Both needed help and counseling long before this incident.

Now it could very well be that the District had this “bouncer” in place and gave him the tacit authority to show who’s boss when he is finally called in.

Guess we will see in court.

Free college tuition

If free public college tuition becomes US policy, most all current student debt would also need to be forgiven.

Otherwise, an entire class of people shouldered with student debt relative to their peers would be economically non-competitive.  Like carrying an anchor in the race.