Health care costs

Smoking is costing the country a fortune.  Make it illegal including recreational pot … which the Left just made legal.

No one will be willing to pay for health care for smokers … for just one example.

What does Gerry Brown know?

This Spring, California SB (Senate Bill) 562 proposed a single-payer healthcare financing system for California.  Governor Jerry Brown was immediately skeptical, stating, “This is called ignotum per ignotius….In other words, you take a problem and say, ‘I’m going to solve it by something that’s even a bigger problem,’ which makes no sense.”

Big Pharma

A bio-ethical quandary is a drug patent.  We can’t stop someone from making a profit, but what if they practically “own” a disease or affliction?

Health care is not complicated

Health care might be complicated biologically speaking, but payments and insurance raise simple questions.

(1)  If you get really sick or injured, will your friends, neighbors and other citizens pay your bills? Should they pay them?  Could they even afford to pay them?

(2)  Then, who will insure the uninsurable?  How much will that cost?

(3)  Why is it OK for the government to take money from people with incomes above the MAGI cliff and give it to people below?