Trump on McCain

McCain started it.  He branded tens of thousands, maybe 100’s or even millions of Trump followers as, “crazies”.  You insult or attack Trump, he hits back.

Like him or not, responders (to Trump comments) lose credibility when they know damn well what he said and/or meant but cast it differently.

McCain, unlike Forrest Gump for example, is called a war hero because he was captured AND survived tortuous conditions vs. running into the line of fire to save fellow soldiers.

The point, the important issues:
How are US vets being treated?
How is US immigration policy working, especially along the southern border?


We are now firmly in the era of words and symbols. Not surprising since more and people through FaceBook, Twitter, etc. do more talking and less doing.  Words speak louder than actions now.

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Michael Meyers, president of the New York Civil Rights Coalition — a voice of reason.