Ballot harvesting

“Once you have received your ballot, under no circumstances permit any campaign workers to fill in your choices or attempt to influence the way you vote.” — Basic Election Law

Evolution of Ballot Cultivation and Harvesting 101.  Let’s do harvesting first.

Step1: Find a senior for example, drive her to get registered.  She has no idea why or for whom, but happy to help “this nice young fella”.  Then pick her up and drive her to the polls with instructions.

Step2: Implement motor-voter registration.  Increases the potential crop yield and also the number of non-residents registered and therefore voting.

Step3: Implement early voting, since Step1 doesn’t have a real high ROI.

Step4: Implement vote-by-mail, ballot sent upon request.  Now some real possibilities for massive fraud and irregularities.

Step5: Implement vote-by-mail, ballot unsolicited.  Wow!

The variations of ballot cultivation and harvesting are numerous.  10’s of millions of unsolicited blank ballots laying around all over the country but concentrated in a few urban areas in each State that arrive late (why?) and skew 75% in many cases Democrat (why?)