Covid and five big mistakes

The experts made at least five big mistakes.

One. The experts are responsible for the first basic mitigation delay AND the subsequent damage done by the knee jerk lock down mitigation tactic.  The minute they got wind of a virus circulating in China their immediate response in the US should have been gloves and masks … just in case.  They are the experts!

Second. The experts compounded their initial mistake by actually playing down the threat from coronavirus.

Third. The experts compounded their first and second mistakes with a huge third one.  A slam on the brakes, lock down of the non-essential economy.  Panic ensued, stoked by the Media, and irreparable economic damage resulted.

Fourth. Some experts compounded their first, second and third mistakes.  They participated in a partisan political weaponization of Covid.

Fifth.  The experts keep moving the re-open goal posts. Two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, six months, twelve months eighteen months.  Don’t overwhelm the hospitals, flatten the curve, bend the curve, reduce the curve to zero.  And on and on.