Covid and opening the US economy

Four things must happen for the Covid economy to get on a path to normal …

(1) Convene NOW an 8 person panel with differing approaches, strategies, political leanings tasked with presenting best practices for day-to-day economic activity. The good ideas will surface and will immediately open many parts of the private sector.

(2) Absolute, blanket immunity must be granted to all organizations serving the public for violation of the social distancing new normal. No one will open again, and on one will insure anyone until then.

If not, the country will be paralyzed with litigation and potential litigation.

(3) Trump should consider resigning now and running in Nov 2020 as the GOP candidate as a private citizen. A degree of rational decision making would likely return to the halls of power at all levels of government, continual leaks and investigations would crease, the constant Media outrage would subside, the daily sniping between people in different camps would cease.

Trump has been a lightning rod since the early days of his campaign and The Resistance has sought to cause problems for the entire current Executive Branch as a result.

(4) The GOP must start negotiating major economic structural changes that the Left and far Left have sought for some time now. For example, open up Medicaid for All now.

While some countries have already started back, the goal posts in the US keep moving. Some on the far Left are now calling for the shutdown to continue until an effective vaccine is available — 18 months or more.

An example of the current political landscape.

“Before election night, he [Brock] had concocted a plan for what he would do if Trump won. It involved moving overseas, as so many liberals had promised, to start a new life, perhaps in London working for the public relations arm of a friend. But in the hours that followed the letdown, his plans began to shift, first with a call from the longtime Clinton adviser James Carville, then with a tearful 6 a.m. conversation with a donor, and finally with a few hours of sleep.

By the time he woke up, he had the beginnings of an answer, which he tapped out in a memo to his fundraising partner Mary Pat Bonner. The basic idea was to double down and update his organizations for the next fight, with new technology, new targets and a singular focus to hobble the Trump Administration at every turn.” — TIME