Covid and public health

(1) The Left contends that if the world unlocks, everyone OR someone will die, until there is a vax, treatment, testing, tracing … all of which are improbable or impossible on any rational time frame and budget, but certainly not before a protracted Recession or Depression kicks in.

(2) Not ONE life lost, but just to Covid (why?).  Save the Greatest Generation, economy be damned.

check mate!

This is NOT about public health and was not from the beginning.  Be honest, face it, have the debate, negotiate some political concessions NOW, or risk it all.  Open borders, nationalized ed med and energy, suspension of private property rights and 1A, a Depression … and the right to use public beaches of course.

Not to mention MANY more deaths and harm caused by the lock downers mid and long term than maybe were saved by the knee jerk shut downs initially.

If you lock down you are a Murderer. People will die by letting the virus run wild in the Shadow Economy where people can’t possibly social distance, and by creating a world-wide Depression which means starvation and that means children.  If you unlock, someone over 80 will likely die … and you are still a Murderer.

The ends justify the means?  What are the ends?