Covid and life expectancy

No one dies from Covid or any pathogen.  People die (pass away) hopefully only from natural causes at the end of their expected, natural life span which varies at any point in time, and individual to individual.

Over time, life spans all over the world have increased dramatically naturally, and have been extended for many artificially.

A pathogen or accident (for examples) can cause premature death, or shortened life expectancy or excess death IF and ONLY IF the expected life span was in fact shortened.

If an 80 year old that made it that far thanks to the US medical system succumbs to anything, society GAINED 8 years of life expectancy (80 minus 72). A huge win!  And most everyone says he/she led a good life, maybe a great life. Had a chance to marry, attend college, see their kids graduate from college.

At least half of the deaths attributed to covid in the US are the result of severe mis-management of the nursing and elder care facilities.  If Sweden admits to the same mistake. In the US though how much was negligence?

As many have said many times already, resources should be laser focused on those vulnerable to a bad outcome from Covid.

Research shows that a child pushed into poverty loses 15 years of life expectancy. A big loss!

Lose a 5 year old (expected to live to 100) to the flu for example and society has LOST 95 years of life expectancy. Not to mention the emotional grief for everyone, not just relatives and friends.

A devastating loss.