Immigration reform, a framework

There are maybe millions of Immigration Dreamers residing on US soil (within borders) in violation of US ICE laws and possibly others.
There are likely many 10’s of millions of Dreamers not on US soil, and not in violation of any US laws. Many are a few yards literally from US borders (Canada, Mexico) or just a plane or boat ride away. Many are in far more dire straits than US Dreamers.
Would a swap of some sort be an acceptable middle ground? All things considered. Will someone give up their seat on the bus?

If a swap, then not really another amnesty. Fair to those waiting legally. On balance, the humane issue is improved overall — The Left can’t possibly object. The Right gets all law abiding new people. Maybe some middle ground.

Add adult adoption and sponsorship to the equation. Relax child adoption rules and timelines.

Immigration has been a hot button, divisive issue for many years now. Just recently, an expensive Federal vs. State and Local government fissure has widened. The divide hinges on residency status, legal/illegal.
Question:  Should illegal aliens (as defined by US law and more specifically ICE) be asked to voluntarily, in fairness to all, in good conscience, “come out of the shadows” and rectify their residency status, or leave?  In other words, cure, correct, fix, remedy, remove their illegal status.

If leave is chosen, then a number provisions could kick-in.  For example, assets could be sold tax free.  Transportation provided free of charge.