People don’t hate, but they are afraid

The Anarchists foment resentment and divide along every line possible and wait for a country to implode from internal conflicts. But The Peolple are catching on to this tactic thanks to the 2016 election, Wikileaks, etc. Identity politics won’t won’t work anymore.

People don’t “hate” Muslims. They don’t hate anyone because of any number of so-called protected classifications.

People are afraid. They are scared of other people that believe strongly in Islam. Moreover, they are afraid of people from countries where radical groups have promised Trojan Horse infiltration of the US.

If Islam is protected by 1A, then is not Radical Islam effectively protected by extension?
The Founders didn’t think the “bad guys” would use the Constitution as a shield to hide in plain site.

What can’t The People oppose drug smuggling, human smuggling and groups that have promised a Trojan Horse infiltration of the US?

Doesn’t the POTUS have a DUTY to protect the US citizens and the borders?

Virtually every right conflicts with another and every freedom protected impinges on another.

Life, liberty, pursuit of … in that order. Where does freedom of religion fall on the scale overall?