Punish Russia through oil prices?

In response to the social media related indictments against Russian citizens now on Russian soil, James Clapper today on CNN TV appeared to recommend the US depress oil prices to the $40 level or below.  The idea being that Russia as a country is heavily dependent on oil and gas sales and profits.

Last Friday’s indictment purports that Russian citizens used indentity theft/fraud to setup accounts on social media websites such as facebook that require the end-user provide some ID during the sign-up process. Once authenticated, the Russians then went on to make both pro and anti HRC, Stein, Bernie, Trump posts.  In addition, the indictment says one anti-Trump and one pro-Trump rally were organized for the same day.

Clapper did not say how the US should or could tank oil prices, artificially, or flood the market.  He also did not say what that might mean for US citizens, Russian citizens, and other countries around the world.  Or, if those other countries should be consulted first.

Russia is not the only country heavily dependent on oil and gas exports.  See Venezuela for example.

Please post any recommended corrections or additions below if you believe we have this story wrong in any way.  We will will see your suggestions, they will not be made public, but we will make corrections, if any are needed, ASAP.  We are looking for a recording, or transcript.

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