“Israel-UAE deal achieves a <b>Middle East</b> rarity: It’s win-win-win, Palestinians included” – NBC

“President Donald Trump will withdraw 2,200 American troops from <b>Iraq</b> in September, Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie, the top U.S. commander of Central Command, said on Wednesday.”

“DOHA, Qatar — The United States signed a peace agreement with Taliban militants on Saturday aimed at bringing an end to 18 years of bloodshed in <b>Afghanistan </b>and allowing U.S. troops to return home from America’s longest war.” – AP

“On Friday President Trump again was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, this time by Magnus Jacobsson for his historic <b>Kosovo-Serbia</b> Peace Agreement.”

“South Korea and US to end two [expensive, provocative] large-scale war games [on <b>China</b>’s border]” – BBC

“<b>Ukraine</b> troops, separatists withdraw amid hopes for peace” — ALJAZEERA (note the word, “separatists”) “Pence said Ankara would pause its offensive, dubbed Operation Peace Spring, for 120 hours in order to allow the Kurdish Protection Units (YPG) to pull 30km back from the <b>Turkey-Syria</b> border. Meanwhile, Mazloum Abdi, the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the Kurdish-lead force spearheaded by the YPG spearheads, confirmed late on Thursday that his fighters will comply with the agreement. “We will do whatever we can for the success of the ceasefire agreement,” he [Abdi] said on Kurdish TV.” – ALJAZEERA

“US President Donald Trump has confirmed plans to withdraw 9,500 American troops from bases in <b>Germany</b>.” –BBC What are 35,000 US ground troops doing in Germany anyway?