1st Presidential debate

Lester asked the crazy email server in the basement, blackberry smashing, laptop losing, BleachBit wiping, immunity granted, 5th pleading gang that couldn’t shoot straight what they thought about cyber security.  What?

Stop ‘n frisk is unconstitutional.  What about the rights of 4000 dead in Chicago alone, many innocent children?  The right to life …  Almost every right conflicts with another.

4000 people killed in inner city Chicago, but we built a $500 million museum and a $43 million trauma center in S Chicago.  Now there, that will fix it.

In the name of a so-called religion, people are blowing stuff up and killing innocent people.  For the solution, go buy my book and visit my web site.  It’s all there.

Millions of jobs being driven AWAY from the US by tax policy, regulation, and trade deals.  And, for some still unknown reason(s), those jobs aren’t coming back.  But, all those affected can install solar panels.  Once the panels are installed, then what?

After 30 years, an epiphany!  Let’s just take the guns away from the bad guys. Let’s slice the bread before we sell it also.

Did everyone here know that they are bigoted and hold implicit biases?  Wonder what the solution to that will be?  Maybe a treatment covered by ObamaCare.

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