2016 Election – Let this one go

Donald, let this one go. You don’t want to inherit this mess. Call her bluff, let her have it.

She’s on record, you don’t even need Wikileaks.

Open borders, amnesty, Russia taking over the Middle East, Iran and nukes and a Platinum card, free college tuition, massive tax increases, what jobs program, 100,000,000 out of the work force, 50,000,000 on food stamps, flat line GDP, 20 trillion in debt, inner cities in turmoil, Clinton Foundation conflicts, ongoing email server investigations, ACA in meltdown mode, unfair fair trade so she’ll appoint a trade prosecutor, pay-to-play, pay to incite violence at Trump rallies, public and private positions, Wall Street speeches, broke to $100’s of millions only working in the public sector, and on and on.

You don’t want this. Let the Dems have it. Don’t try to be a hero!

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