The social justice warriors want open borders. Even Hillary said so, then she later said she meant only to trade energy, whatever that means. So Obama says, “come on in”. The coyotes south of the border tell people if you can get there you can stay, and Obama will care for you and your family. Pay me 1000’s maybe 10’s of thousands and I will get you to the US/Mexico border — one hell of a gauntlet to run.

Then wink, wink the US let’s them in through catch and release and/or refugee status (every “refugee” recites word for word …). Then US corps ruthlessly exploit the workers, and can do so because of the very nature of their status. Like a fight where one person has a hand tied behind their back. Wait, there’s more. And, the flood of workers perturbs labor supply and demand and craters wages and job ops for legal citizens.

Then once established the US calls illegal immigrants, undocumented (of course, PC will help them) and kicks some back out, or threatens to do so.

C’mon man!

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