A Clinton 1st 100 days

Amnesty for illegal immigrants. Just Latinos or for everyone? Compensation for those that did not jump the line and for those that entered legally? Open borders for the next 11 million?

Free college tuition and debt relief. Compensation for those that already paid tuition to level the playing field? Reparations how far back? Years? Decades?

Free universal health care. Rationing, behavioral controls, and price controls to just maybe make it work financially?

Reparations, police and justice reform for the Black community. Anyone Black anywhere, or just inner cities? What police and justice reform? Just for Blacks or everyone?

Surveillance of the Muslim community and intelligence gathering. Freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? Freedom of assembly? Reasonable suspicion, probable cause?

100,000,000 of 320,000,000 out of the work force. Install solar panels?

Break-up the banks and regulate Wall Street. The same orgs that make campaign donations and pay for speeches?

The list goes on, and on …

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