Covid and the positivity rate

If people that played soccer today were tested for a sprained ankle, the positivity rate for sprained ankle would be high and certainly higher than a truly random sample of the overall population.

People being tested for Covid now are overwhelming those that experience symptoms or have a good reason to believe they were exposed.  Therefore the positivity rate will be skewed higher.  So, more testing obviously means more cases will be found, and with biased testing, the positivity rate will be much higher.

Some population groups are tested entirely or truly randomly and they show a much lower positivity rate.

Lastly, many more people of all age and health spectrums that contract the common cold bug for which there is no vaccine get really sick and miserable.  Lost work and school days, etc.  Many if all age and health condition groups never know they even caught the Covid bug.

Policy has NEVER been zero cases of anything at any cost.

The strategy that has been debated for months should be to focus resources on the truly vulnerable to a bad outcome from Covid.

Those that are vulnerable to any pathogen should take steps to protect themselves and friends and family should assist to that end.

At this point in the history of covid, stats are meaningless without context.
New cases, new hospitalizations, deaths attributed to covid?
Who are they, where are they, why are they?