Declare war

Declare war on who, what, and where?  A phrase?  The Left logic and US constitution stands in the way.

All Islamists embrace Islam; all Muslims embrace Islam; but NOT all Muslims are Islamists and NOT all Islamists actually cross the line and commit Acts of Terror.

US law shields Islamists in at least three ways.  (1) Freedom of speech, (2) freedom from religion, perverted in this case and many others to mean freedom of religion, (3) innocent until proven guilty.

Lastly, the Left is quick to brand anyone proposing quarantine or a short term travel ban to fight the “disease” as racist, xenophobes, anti-immigrant, Islamaphobic, not who we are, cold hearted, etc., etc.

Inside and outside of the Muslim community, a close look at the language, teachings, and interpretations of Islam, Sharia, the Koran and related cultural practices is underway.

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