Email server

The Pubs way over played this and apparently antagonized Comey. They pressed A knowing they couldn’t get intentional espionage, but thought they had the catchall B “gross negligence” in the aternative.

The Pubs never guessed that Comey would sandbag that approach with the “almost never applied that statute” little gem. The chess match continues. Then the Pubs back in the court of public opinion try the “nobody should be above the law”. Comey jumps back in again! He says, oh yeah, some are — famous persons, like candidates for POTUS. But, leaves the “extremely careless” opinion (who asked him anyway for his opinion) in the public arena for guilt or innocence to be decided by the voters.

OK, Pubs move again. FBI delivers files but heavily redacted. Damn. Judge orders Dems to answer JW, but not under pressure of depo, they get 30-days to answer in writing.

One hell of a chess match!

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