Jobs. They are Measuring the Wrong Thing!

No one (in their right mind) is going to hire in the traditional W-2 sense.
No one will increase head-count unless almost forced to do so.  Do you think “Obama-care” encourages employers to add to their formal payroll?

For many reasons, some already discussed, the employer/employee relationship is both an asset AND a contingent liability at best, and a ticking time-bomb at worst.  Go talk to any labor attorney about the dozens of laws, taxes, and regulations “protecting” the employee that leave the employer in a “no win” situation.  Damn near anyone now falls in a protected class.  There is even talk of protecting ugly people!

What the bean counters should be counting is new DBAs and LLCs.  It’s now a “free agent” economy.  Go to eLance, Guru, oDesk, etc. for the real action.  The economy might not be rosy perfect, but it is still OK.

As we have said before, to stimulate the economy, policy makers should deregulate the employer/employee relationship or relax the independent contractor/1099 rules.
This would give employers more of the “certainty” everyone keeps talking about.

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