Kahn attacked in a rehearsed political hit job at the DNC convention.  He then went on and on about how it was actually not rehearsed.  He purposely and falsely communicated that the Republican platform at the time he spoke included barring all Muslims from outside the US from entering the US, and that Muslims in the US would/should be deported based on their religion.  The Kahn web site (quickly taken offline) explains his business.  In short, Kahn directly and clearly accused the Republicans and indirectly all of their supporters of discrimination based on religion. A very serious charge.

In his personal attack on Trump, Kahn not only hid behind the US Constitution (mainly freedom FROM, not OF religion) and then further shielded himself behind not only a dead war hero but his own son! The Left quickly branded Kahn as “untouchable”.  This political maneuver plumbed an absolute new political low.

Then Kahn went on to say Trump, who at the time had received many millions of votes and support from US citizens, has a “black soul”.

The entire exchange had nothing, zero, to do with the war hero who was shamelessly shown no respect and was dragged into the mess.

Any Muslim, in fact anyone, could have reminded us of the typical Left pre-school logic that one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole barrel.  For the absolute last time.  We all get it.  This is typical Left logic.  If you favor the rule-of-law for example, then you are anti-illegal immigration and against H1B policy violations, and therefore you are anti-immigrant, and therefore you are racist, Islamaphobic, ethnocentric, protectionist, sexist, isolationist, and whole bunch of other ists and ics.

OK, let’s all get back to real problems at hand.

Note:  For ANYONE that feels they are being discriminated against based on their religion, there are Federal Laws and resources available including the EEOC and ACLU.

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