Left and Right

When Hillary is embroiled in a scandal of any proportion, she alienates x number of voters.  When she is “attacked” by her political enemies (her words), she cements voter support x times over.  Why are the pundits so perplexed by this political phenomena.

Parts of the electorate HATE each other much more than they hate liars.  The Dem/Lib/PC party has successfully and skillfully played divide and conquer, usually with a carrot but sometimes with a stick, sometimes with laws and regulations and often times with just words.  The hatred and divisiness is consciously and purposefully fomented by the ruling class and media.

The number of interest groups (economic and idealogical) that are now pitted against each other is a very large and complex matrix.  Many of the folks running the casino and the referees become very wealthy.

Over time, the quality of life for all the participants declines and degrades, except for the Democratic Socialist ruling class and the 1% Democratic Capitalists, and even violence often occurs.


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