Shadow economy

Many business models and entire economic sectors now depend on cheap “shadow” labor of one sort or another. Everything from skilled construction to home health care, computer programming, hospitality, ag, etc. can be had for around $10 bucks per hour. Citizens can’t compete, and not because they are lazy as immigrant activists contend, but because it is illegal! Citizens can’t waive the 100’s of labor rights “protecting” them and employers know with documentation and paper trails they will be busted easily.

The shadow economy works BECAUSE of the illegality and lack of documentation. Employers by law can’t even ask about citizenship. Why do so many illegal aliens remain in the shadows for decades?

For a double whammy, citizens are then taxed to pay for the social benefits that subsidize the low wage scales.

Ana (Alaska): I think one really big misconception is that we’re [DACAs] stealing things from Americans. It’s not our fault if you haven’t achieved your full potential and there’s no reason for us to apologize for it.”

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