The Trump tax thing

Let’s shine some light on this tax thing.  With some inherited seed money and OPM (other peoples money like bank loans or co-investors), one could fairly easily, legally, and ethically build a large real estate empire and live very nicely from rental income over a long period of time essentially Federal income tax free.  In fact, in some years one could actually receive Federal tax credits!  That’s right, the GubMint sends you money.  Not saying Trump did this, but many have, including many on The Left.

Hillary has now made tax avoidance, and the related legality and morality, an election issue and possibly a major issue.  She might have won the battle but what about the war.  Do wealthy Hillary supporters, sympathizers, and donors in US and around the world really want to litigate and arbitrate this issue taxpayer-by-taxpayer in the court of public opinion? Because she raised the issue, no fair anyone taking the 5th.  With the power of social media, this should be fun.

Trump doesn’t often start the fight but he often fights back.  People who live in glass houses …

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