The US is not Greece ….. Yet

Let’s name a few.¬† You are invited to add to the list.

non-recourse mortgages
Solyndra type stuff
VC community almost entirely focused on social Web 2.0
15% poverty rate
probably 15%+ real unemployment
outsourced contractors that do a damn good job for $10 to $20/hr
unfunded/un-booked health care costs looming like a tsunami
heterogeneous population
drug wars and no border control with our southern neighbor
many Muslims worldwide hate us
70% consumption based economy
our only real export is IP to the biggest country that doesn’t even value or respect IP (not blaming them, they get to choose their own value system)
$15 trillion in debt (and more liabilities not on the books)
we tweet, blog, meet, linkin, facebook, google, mediate, meditate, and litigate

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