Trojan Horse

Some are “afraid” to be critical of Islam and thereby all Muslims by logical (or illogical) extension. Why, is a very reasonable question and an open issue. Many of these same people are quick to be critical of Christianity (and some sects) and Christians.

Everyone knows what Trump means because he has used the term, “Trojan Horse” many times.  Yet the Dems AND the Pubs continue to malign him by jumping on the religious “test” stuff.

And, they immediately jump even further to analogize a temporary ban on immigration from a small number of known Islamic hot spots to Japanese internment in WWII. That’s a fairly big leap, yet typical in the game of politics. How did these folks pass Freshmen Logic, English and Debate 101?

And, before some jump again, EVERYONE understands the concept of US law, “innocent until proven guilty”. And that the Constitution says, “freedom from religion” (not “of”), etc. etc.

If Trump has to expand and explain and PC and CYA every single comment, he will never finish any speech.

Focus more on the message and the policy and the problem, and less on the messenger.

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