Trump and the Judge

Trump is not racist or a racist.  Mexico and Mexican are not races. The Census Bureau says “Hispanic origins are not races”.

Racists believe in the separation of races (often supported by religious teaching) and/or superiority and inferiority (usually intelligence) among racial groups often supported by genetic arguments.

The Judge in this case (no pun intended), born in the US, is American even though he may self-identify as something else.  This Federal sitting judge is alleged to belong to, favor, or support a race based group, even though the Census Bureau warns as described above. Now, Trump has been “painted” as someone opposed to illegal immigration, and therefore opposed to immigration, and therefore racist in a strange twist and leap of logic. Politicians and the media though are prone to this sort of thing.  So, Trump and his representatives are understandably concerned that THIS judge could be predisposed to racial influence and could be biased in this case.  Are there not any other Judges available?

The plaintiff’s attorney is alleged to have made significant contributions to the Clinton Foundation.  Why?  Are there no other class action attorneys available to handle this rather unique one-of-a-kind circumstance?

Let’s say that some country, let’s say Mexico for example, were to suffer a natural disaster. On the order of Katrina or Sandy.  Who would the people affected want at the helm in the US if Mexico needed help?  Bush, B Clinton, H Clinton, Sanders, Trump?  How did the US handle their own Katrina and Sandy for their own people?

The answer is fairly clear.  If a natural disaster hit Mexico, Trump would hit back (if called upon) quickly and hard.  He would likely be one of the first down there with a shovel helping out even if in a new blue suit.

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