Ukraine and The Call

The allegation.

Trump concocted this grand and complicated scheme to “smear” Joe Biden. He divines that Zelensky will win the upcoming election for President of Ukraine in a surprise victory, and Biden will be the Dem nominee for 2020.

Then, he realizes that Hunter was given an unusually high paid board seat even compared to EXXON, for no rational reason, at a corrupt oil and gas company back in 2014 in a very corrupt Ukraine at the very same time Joe Biden is made Obama’s point person … in Ukraine. It was reported that “alarm bells went off in the Obama admin” at the time.

Now, the next step is to bring Yova home, the Obama ambassador in Ukraine, to get her out of the way, but he smears her first before doing so.

Then he puts a hold on the US foreign aid that Fiona testified was purely symbolic anyway, and waits for Zelensky to win the election. Trump knows the Democrats will eventually try to hit him over the Javelins too, but he knows they won’t realize the Javelins were not held up, because Obama refused the Javelins earlier. But that the symbolic aid would “jeopardize US national security” because Donbas is critical to the US.

Trump also knew that Zelensky would be equally corrupt as the old regime and would conspire with him to “make-up dirt” on Joe Biden to help him win in 2020 because he knew Biden would win the Democrat Party nomination.

So Trump in the now famous Call, “bribes” Zelensky to make-up that dirt by asking him to “do us a favor, if possible”.

Unfortunately, Trump and everyone else in the Exec Branch completely forgets to tell Zelensky and anyone else in Ukraine that the aid was on hold to support the bribe for the dirt.

Trump is a genius, 4-D chess.

Please note: The above could be considered a “parody”.

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