What should we do?

Be thankful for freedom of the press.  There are obviously at least the following kind and types of people in positions of power, policy making, and The Media.

(1) Just not very bright.  The guilt by association concept is where they peaked.  (2) In business for personal enrichment and/or power, the best interests of the people be damned. (3) Basically just asleep at the switch.  Busy with personal “stuff”, assigning the work to low level aids, etc. (4) Unable or unwilling to answer a simple, straightforward, in their area of expertise with a simple straightforward answer or just a Yes/No. (5) Engaged in plainly nefarious “stuff”.  Maybe criminal, maybe fraud, negligence, carelessness, and so on. (6) Unable or unwilling to manage confidential information.

What should be done with these folks both before and after they are elected or appointed to high positions of power and influence?

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