Who have we elected?

Who have we actually nominated AND elected for POTUS?

We have nominated an outsider, not a lawyer, not a politician prone to sarcastic zingers.

We have nominated and elected let’s just say not exactly Boy Scouts and now a Girl Scout.

To oversee the economy, we have elected Presidents that have NEVER created a private sector job, product, or service.

To oversee job creation, we have elected Presidents that have NEVER held a private sector job.

To oversee public education, we have elected Presidents whose children attend PRIVATE schools.

To oversee the military and defense, we have elected Presidents that have NEVER served in the military.

We have elected Presidents that with a stroke of pen have knowingly destroyed millions of jobs held by immigrants (aren’t we all immigrants?) and entire industries.

We have elected Presidents and nominated candidates that decidedly favor illegal immigrants over foreign-born immigrants waiting legally and patiently in line, and American immigrants who were born in the US or naturalized. Again, we are all immigrants as they say.

Why do we continue to nominate AND elect leaders that appear to be decidedly un-American.

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