Why Punish the Savers ?

These artificially low interest rates do not make any sense.  And, they have not and will not work.  The rating agencies are involved (as usual).  Something is going on.
Big govt, big corp, and the rating agencies.  What are they up to?

The little guy who is supposed to be helped by low interest rates is getting killed by gas and food prices.  They wouldn’t qualify for a home loan at zero interest rates!  Underwriting is now too strict for them.

Why punish the savers.  Doesn’t make any sense.

Like the housing bubble, the winners and losers won’t be apparent until after the damage has been done.  Wonder how this chapter will end.

Last time, it was Lehmann (and much of the world) lost, Goldman won.
This time, will it be BofA and Goldman? Hmmm.

– dot bomb bubble
– clean tech/ethanol bubble
– housing bubble
– interest rate bubble
– gold/commodity bubble

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