Many of the Democrats, MSM, and neverTrumpers have changed the narrative. Since no illegal collusion has been found and no charges have even been suggested, after a year+ of digging by numerous investigative groups, the strategy now is to greatly expand the universe of potentially “bad stuff” to be found.  Now, any contacts with Russia (a very broad term and a big country) at anytime by anyone associated with Trump (or just the Trump name, or extended family) are deemed a highly suspicious negative for the sitting POTUS and for some, an impeachable offense.

First it was Trump himself, then Trump+family, then the extended family, then the primary Trump campaign team, then the Trump campaign in general, then anyone even remotely tied to the campaign, then anyone even remotely tied to the campaign at any time no matter how far back, and now … simply the word, Trump, and any connection to the word, Russia.
Furthermore the so-called “investigation” has been extended in the minds of some to include interactions of people and/or documents that simply include the word, Trump. “They met at Trump Tower”.  “They played golf at a Trump golf course”.

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