Trump and Conservative Issues

Is Trump now hurting the GOP and by extension Conservative platform and policies?

The Trump base is solid, but so is the Resistance.  Trump must now convert Indes, moderate Democrats, RINOs, and refrain from rallying the Democratic base. He needs to convince voters not to vote for Marxists, Anarchists and Globalists, or at least get them to stay home.

Also, try to win back some Conservative neverTrumpers. Those that “hated” Trump because he has what appears to be an open marriage.  Virtue signaling was fashionable and low risk when Trump opponents thought he would NEVER win the primary, not to mention the general. The lesson – never say never. Trump needs to find a way to let them save face and return home, even if they have to crawl back.

The country is one election away from the real possibility of even a more open border AND single provider (not just payer) health care.

One hell of a risk to take.  Some voters now will vote against their own self-interests just to deny Trump a Wall.

Wedge issues

The Democrats voted overwhelmingly for The Secure Fence Act … when they knew it would not be funded or enforced. The GOP voted for ACA repeal when they knew …

Anyone see a pattern?

Career Politicians won’t easily solve good wedge issues that can be used again and again and again. They all need a villain.

The DACA kids will win Big League

The DACAs have The Ruling Class where they want them now and hold all of the “morality” cards. DACA was capricious, arbitrary and just played politics with “kids” as pawns. Inhumane to begin with.

The US keeps dogs on a “short leash”, not people. The alt-L and the DACA kids will end up taking far more than a mile because of the inch Obama gave them trying to lockup the Hispanic vote with a token political few.


Over the past few election cycles, the Democrats thought they could lock-up the Hispanic and Muslim voting blocks. That’s why they flipped on immigration.

The Dems thought they already had a lock on Jews, Working Class, and College Kids. The growing number of Identity Groups is bound to conflict sooner or later and the strategy starts to backfire.

Like dating too many people that kind of, sort of know each other. Eventually, they all find out and they all dump you.

A wall

Allowing a significant number of people to reside on US soil with an illegal residency status causes all kinds of problems and costs for all parties.  The savings from the Wall alone will pay for the Wall.

Curtailing human and drug smuggling will help Mexico the most.