Covid and housing density

“In keeping with the theme of East Asia experiencing the ‘second wave’ of the novel coronavirus outbreak already, Singapore’s Health Ministry reported 386 new cases on Monday, the city’s biggest daily jump, taking its total confirmed cases to 2,918. The city-state, which is under a partial lockdown, also reported its 9th death.

Many of the new cases have been linked to dormitory-style housing where migrant workers often stay, giving Singapore cause to follow China’s lead and blame the rebound on foreigners, despite Singapore tightening travel restrictions 2 weeks ago on non-residents.”

The same applies to hot-spots in the US.  Densely populated, often multi-generational housing, even more packed than a dormitory.  Partly cultural and partly economic since the jobs are low paid and often staffed by migrants.

The workers are likely not catching and transmitting the virus at work, the problem is at home.  The mandatory stay at home, shelter in place approach for many is like being locked in a burning building.

Now the question remains, with the very high % of international students especially from China, why weren’t US college dorms hot spots?