ACA quote

Here’s a quote for typical family of four for ACA. Middle Class income just above subsidy cliff which isn’t that much. And this was the cheapest of 31 plans!

“Premium $2,718/month
Your estimated all-in $36,964
Family out-of-pocket max $9,000
Doctor visits $15
Generic drugs $5″

Covid and the ADA

The goal on the part of the extreme Left early on was suppression of economic activity, especially the so-called “non-essential” side, under the guise of public health.

Even before Covid, many tried to talk down the stock market, wished for a recession, and insisted the economy only worked for 1%.  They will NOT re-open the way were, if they can get in the way.

The re-open goal posts started at a firm 30-day lock down, shelter-in-place, social distancing.  The goal posts have gradually moved (back) for dozens of reasons since then.

Since not even one death, but just from Covid, made no sense, the general approach recently has been to re-open with “guidelines”.  Guidelines so oppressive that the economy is effectively, essentially, still shut down.

The latest chess move.  Introduce quietly the idea that society will have to be adjusted to accommodate the most vulnerable (elderly and/or those with serious comorbidities) so they can participate just like everyone else in the age of Covid.  A variation of ADA.

Covid and strict liability

Two new chess moves were recently introduced by the far Left.  Both generally fall under strict liability.

Vector: If you are contagious, knowingly or not, and you violate a stay at-home-order and come out, or come out even after an order has been lifted, and you transmit the virus, you are guilty of the harm caused.

Conduit:  If you do not have Covid, knowingly or not, and you violate a stay at-home-order and come out, or come out even after an order has been lifted, and you catch and transmit the virus, you are guilty of the harm caused.

Covid and ideologies

The Right.  Conservatives, the GOP, Republicans, Capitalists …

Are NOT listening to

The Left.  Marxists, Communists, the Resistance, Socialists, Democrats …

Every Democrat Party candidate for their party nomination BEFORE Covid insisted the economy only worked for 1%.  Were they joking?  Just kidding?

The so-called “non-essential” economy was not shutdown because of Covid, Covid was used as a pre-text to effect a shutdown.  The off the charts “models” projecting infections and deaths used to influence Trump were no mistake.

Bottom line. The Left is NOT going to reopen the way we were.  They are not kidding.  Furthermore, even a reopen with irrational, draconian “guidelines” is not much better than the broad lock down.

The Right must not risk it all.  Open borders, nationalized ed and med, suspension of private property rights.  The list is long.

Listen to the Left now. Because Trump is a lightning rod, they won the Battle of 2018 and are in power in NY, WA, CA, IL, OR… now and forming multi-state alliances to fight the political Covid Battle.  The Left could easily consolidate more power this November leaving just a 5-4 SCOTUS as the firewall.

Negotiate and compromise on the broad socio-economic reforms the Left is seeking.  Don’t risk it all!

Like Obama said, both sides must be honest, tell the truth.  People are being harmed or worse by the 10’s of millions all over the world from this centuries old ideological struggle.

Covid and housing density

“In keeping with the theme of East Asia experiencing the ‘second wave’ of the novel coronavirus outbreak already, Singapore’s Health Ministry reported 386 new cases on Monday, the city’s biggest daily jump, taking its total confirmed cases to 2,918. The city-state, which is under a partial lockdown, also reported its 9th death.

Many of the new cases have been linked to dormitory-style housing where migrant workers often stay, giving Singapore cause to follow China’s lead and blame the rebound on foreigners, despite Singapore tightening travel restrictions 2 weeks ago on non-residents.”

The same applies to hot-spots in the US.  Densely populated, often multi-generational housing, even more packed than a dormitory.  Partly cultural and partly economic since the jobs are low paid and often staffed by migrants.

The workers are likely not catching and transmitting the virus at work, the problem is at home.  The mandatory stay at home, shelter in place approach for many is like being locked in a burning building.

Now the question remains, with the very high % of international students especially from China, why weren’t US college dorms hot spots?