The Russians are coming

Putin convinced Podesta and the other HRC gang to write what they wrote (some crazy, terrible, racist stuff).
Then Putin “hacked” Podesta by convincing an IT guy to approve with a typo a phishing email.
Podesta then leaves the keys in car, and the keys were spelled … wait for it … “password”.
Then Putin released the emails to Wikileaks and coached Assange to release the emails drip-by-drip as the polls ebbed and flowed.
Then Putin had the NYPD find “stuff” on Weiner’s laptop and convinced Comey to send The Letter.
Then Putin hypnotized white angry male voters in PA, WI, and MI to turn against HRC in favor of Trump.
The same Trump that The Left says would blast first and ask questions later AND that wants to build and oil and gas biz that could crush the Russian industry (their biggest).
The same oil and gas sector in the US that HRC wanted to shut down.

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