An American Revolution

How can the US govt “force” a Middle Class family of four to pay $2500/month for health insurance? When will ACA be $5,000/month?

Off-shore jobs, infettered, illegal immigration, H1b, preferences for jobs and college admissions to protected groups, then scholarships and financial aid (paid for by Middle Class taxpayers!) …..

How much more pain can the Middle Class stand? Will anyone represent them?

Remember the American Revolution?

Health care insurance is not complicated

Simple questions. Health care is NOT complicated.

(1) If an American citizen experiences a serious and seriously expensive medical condition or episode, who makes the patient financially whole again? Except of course for the ACA premiums.

(2) Can the US govt. “force” a typical family of four to pay $2500/month for health insurance?

(3) When will ACA be $5,000/month for that family?

The Line Jumper problem

Many public policies are poorly crafted, intentionally divisive, and have unintended consequences. Often irrational and unaffordable (often Ponzie like) and redistributionist. If the proponents really cared about health care or education (for examples) they would become a nurse or a teacher. The end-game is political and economic socialism and bigger government.

DACA is particularly troublesome since two major problems are in play. The Free Rider (as usual) but also the Line Jumper problem. How to address both of these to everyone’s satisfaction?

Health care is a right? So what.

No one, not a private insurance industry or even a federal government, can give someone, promise someone health care.

A government could declare health care a right.  It could even pass a law that says “all patients are created equal”.  So what?

Health care costs

Smoking is costing the country a fortune.  Make it illegal including recreational pot … which the Left just made legal.

No one will be willing to pay for health care for smokers … for just one example.