Big Pharma

A bio-ethical quandary is a drug patent.  We can’t stop someone from making a profit, but what if they practically “own” a disease or affliction?

US health care system

Health / insurance to begin with is an oxymoron.  Insurance is for asset protection and hedging.

Now a perturbed market because the government (in their infinite wisdom) granted a  tax break for corps that provide golden handcuff benies.  Part of the “deal” in the private sector employer marketplace is/was guaranteed issue.  The private insurance industry will NOT provide guaranteed issue, no lifetime caps, no risk adjustments (other than age), kids are kids until 26 … and The Fountain of Youth for the individual marketplace.

The only solution now for the ACA features and Essential Benefits is a public option.  Just don’t outlaw or regulate out of existence private options.

Suffering from addiction

ACA (and similar policies) are cruelly addictive and create dependencies and a false sense of hope and security. It will take time to rehab the country and the withdrawal will be painful. Public pensions are slowly imploding also for example. These political promises cannot be kept and should never have been made.

Will the GOP renege?

The Obama admin promised groups of people free, or heavily discounted, unfettered access to the US healthcare system … paid for with OPM.  In addition, people were promised no lifetime caps, guaranteed issue, no risk adjustments, kids are kids until 26, sign-up after you need treatment, and more.  The Fountain of Youth is likely in there somewhere.

Now the GOP is tasked with essentially reneging on a political promise that could never be kept and should never have been made.  Not unlike other Ponzi and OPM schemes.