Racial divide

“San Dieguito Union High School District Superintendent Cheryl James-Ward has apologized for remarks that stereotyped Asian students as high-achievers from high-income families. Citing data that showed Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese students getting fewer D and F grades than other ethnic or racial groups, Michael Allman, a board trustee, asked James-Ward, “Do we know …

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Covid and schools

A reader forwarded the following summary: “Schools [Germany] have been partially reopened for young children and those taking exams – and the 16 states are moving towards reopening pre-school centres and schools at their own pace” –BBC “Schools [Italy] will reopen 1 September” – BBC “All schools [France] except high schools fully reopened on 22 June. Schools for 15 to …

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Understanding Covid

Colleges should have been the first major hot spots Not only were they not first, none are hot spots. Do the experts really understand Covid? Those college students, many with older parents at home, would have then infected their parents. Easy tracing. But this is not happened. Why? Why Lombardy Italy, NYC, nursing homes?


Politicians continually fanning the flames need to turn down the volume. They must stop condemning and insulting anyone they disagree with. And, stop making enemies between Identity and Interest Groups.