ACA quote

Here’s a quote for typical family of four for ACA. Middle Class income just above subsidy cliff which isn’t that much. And this was the cheapest of 31 plans!

“Premium $2,718/month
Your estimated all-in $36,964
Family out-of-pocket max $9,000
Doctor visits $15
Generic drugs $5″


Congress included the penalty to get the private sector insurance companies on board with ACA.  In other words, Obama knew no insurers would join in if they didn’t have some guaranteed revenue to take on pre-existing conditions, no cancellations, and no lifetime caps.

Congress further added the Severability clause to give the insurance companies a way out if the Rube Goldberg, penalty is really an income tax thing, fell.  The insurance companies would then lose that revenue but still be stuck with essentially unlimited risk.

Covid and the ADA

The goal on the part of the extreme Left early on was suppression of economic activity, especially the so-called “non-essential” side, under the guise of public health.

Even before Covid, many tried to talk down the stock market, wished for a recession, and insisted the economy only worked for 1%.  They will NOT re-open the way were, if they can get in the way.

The re-open goal posts started at a firm 30-day lock down, shelter-in-place, social distancing.  The goal posts have gradually moved (back) for dozens of reasons since then.

Since not even one death, but just from Covid, made no sense, the general approach recently has been to re-open with “guidelines”.  Guidelines so oppressive that the economy is effectively, essentially, still shut down.

The latest chess move.  Introduce quietly the idea that society will have to be adjusted to accommodate the most vulnerable (elderly and/or those with serious comorbidities) so they can participate just like everyone else in the age of Covid.  A variation of ADA.

Health care in the US

Problem1: hospitals must treat, but patients don’t have to pay

Problem2: mom ‘n pop can’t compete with tax deductible health care benies offered by Apple and Google

Problem3: bad tax policy that perturbs the economy, behaviors, and causes rampant health care related inflation

Health care options

ACA is expensive catastrophic asset protection or those with assets to protect and those with little or no income.

No lifetime caps and no risk adjustments other than age. Not a bad deal for people that need it and want it.

Just make it a public option.

The Right needs to explain who makes the patient financially whole after a 6 or 7 $figure medical episode. ACA is expensive, but catastrophic asset protection. Unless people can post a bond or show evidence of million dollar+ financial responsibility, or unless people can and will waive their right to treatment, who pays?