Understanding Covid

Colleges should have been the first major hot spots

Not only were they not first, none are hot spots. Do the experts really understand Covid?

Those college students, many with older parents at home, would have then infected their parents. Easy tracing. But this is not happened. Why?

Why Lombardy Italy, NYC, nursing homes?

Covid in New York City

Is NYC a hot spot?

The population of the city is nearly 10,000,000 and very densely packed with a large number of international residents and visitors.

Assume the effective population is double that over let’s say the course of a month with people from all over the world transiting in and out.

Covid and starvation

“suppress economic activity”

How many deaths will result from the “suppress economic activity” strategy essentially imposed on the world by policy makers in developed countries?

Starvation is already a problem in parts of the world and that means children.

Covid and Trump

Trump should at least consider resigning

Trump must at least consider resigning now as POTUS and running as a private citizen as the GOP candidate in the Nov 2020 election. Let Pence take the lead and the microphone for now.

Powerful forces are lined-up against Trump personally and have been since the 2016 campaign. His administration is caught in the cross-fire.

The Covid fear mongering for example is needlessly scaring the hell out of many people in the US and around the world. The pandemic is complicated many times over as a result.

Health care in the US

Problem1: hospitals must treat, but patients don’t have to pay

Problem2: mom ‘n pop can’t compete with tax deductible health care benies offered by Apple and Google

Problem3: bad tax policy that perturbs the economy, behaviors, and causes rampant health care related inflation