Health care and disasters

Some see major health care episodes like natural disasters. The proverbial “through no fault of their own”, although often times the victim is in fact to blame.  Earthquake and flood insurance for examples are available and the government backstops with relief and FEMA.

The problem applying that logic and system to medicine is that almost everyone is a disaster at some time in life.  Earthquakes, floods, and lightning strikes are relatively rare, extremely rare. Incidents needing (or wanting) medical care are common place, including serious, expensive “disasters”.

There is not enough money in the world to “save” everyone from every health care incident or to make them financially whole again afterwards.

The Machines are Coming!

Ignore The Russians are Coming and The Machines are Coming!
Regulation and globalism have put US labor out of work. People in the work force are a possible asset, but also a big contingent liability.
Robots don’t sue or assert any of 100’s of human workers’ rights.
And US citizens can’t “waive” their rights as do H-1B and illegal alien workers.
Workers organize or a little wage inflation? Employers then just move the jobs off-shore.

Distribution of resources

Is intervention by government (often forced) an equitable, economic, efficient way to distribute resources and solve problems?

Technology should and can be used to get us closer and closer to a toll road society.