The laws of physics

A University of Texas Energy Institute study finds banking excess solar and wind power in lithium-ion units rather than sending it to the grid actually results in the emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide because ironically, charging and using battery power requires more power.

Immigration and logic

Let illegal alien “criminals” loose in the community otherwise other illegal aliens won’t cooperate with police or report criminal activity by other illegal aliens perpetrated against other illegal aliens.

Drive jobs away from the US increasing unemployment and therefore divorce, drug addiction, and suicide. AND, drive those jobs to areas of the world with the worst worker protections. AND further industrialize areas that are the worst global polluters.

Illegal aliens break the ICE laws of the US in large part because of the lawlessness of the countries they left.

Unfettered illegal immigration is essentially a variation of affirmative action.  One unintended consequence (among others) is that the beneficiary is stigmatized. Bad policy in response to a principle that is now itself questionable.

The issue is further exacerbated by calling the people that are penalized, haters, racist, etc.

The Left pushes for a higher minimum wage but doesn’t care about an upward consumer price shock. They sure are concerned about higher prices if brought about by reducing illegal alien workers.

Let’s say the US grants amnesty or some form of it like DACA to illegal aliens (here in the US) Mr. John Doe and Johnny Doe, Jr.
Then, Mr. Doe comes forward to explain that his wife, and the mother of Johnny Jr. is still in, and a citizen of country ABC, and her mother is still in country XYZ. Then what?

Hamilton’ Cast Lectures VP-Elect While Barring Immigrant Actors from Broadway Roles

“Not only does AEA refuse membership to illegal immigrants (unlike Service Employees International Union, which represents theater workers), AEA isn’t so enamored with legal immigrants either.

The language in the actual AEA contract is even worse. The AEA Production Rulebook reads: “No Actor may be replaced by a non-resident alien.” Said AEA spokesperson Maria Somma at the time, “The rules are there to give our own actors the first shot.””