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Covid and ideologies

The Right.  Conservatives, the GOP, Republicans, Capitalists … Are NOT listening to The Left.  Marxists, Communists, the Resistance, Socialists, Democrats … Every Democrat Party candidate for their party nomination BEFORE Covid insisted the economy only worked for 1%.  Were they joking?  Just kidding? The so-called “non-essential” economy was not shutdown because of Covid, Covid was …

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Covid and housing density

“In keeping with the theme of East Asia experiencing the ‘second wave’ of the novel coronavirus outbreak already, Singapore’s Health Ministry reported 386 new cases on Monday, the city’s biggest daily jump, taking its total confirmed cases to 2,918. The city-state, which is under a partial lockdown, also reported its 9th death. Many of the …

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Covid stats

There were 83,780 Flu-Pneumonia deaths in US this season.To date, 4,059 Covid related deaths. “Global cases: More than 932,600Global deaths: At least 46,809Top 5 countries: United States (213,372), Italy (110,574), Spain (104,118), China (82,361), and Germany (77,872)”— Johns Hopkins “Singapore now has 1,000 recorded instances of COVID-19 infection due to an influx of “imported” cases …

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