A refugee, as defined by Section 101(a)(42) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), is a person who is unable or unwilling to return to his or her home country because of a “well-founded fear of persecution” due to race, membership in a particular social group, political opinion, religion, or national origin.

The disgrace

The Government at all levels has failed by allowing a significant number of people to reside on US soil with an illegal residency status. The, by allowing them, often aiding them, to put down roots. Drivers licences, free K-12, employment, housing, and more.

Then, if an illegal alien happens to give birth while on US soil, the baby is granted, wait for it … citizenship!

“Pineda arrived in the U.S. illegally in 2006. Since then, she obtained a work visa, a driver’s license and a Social Security number. She wants better for her children. Stacey is 9, Sheyla is 11 and Sherly is 14. The two youngest girls were born here.”

Wait, wait, there’s more. At any time, the illegal alien could then be arrested by ICE and “ripped” from the citizen children. Who the hell thought of this system?

So let’s see, A DL, free K-12, work and housing since illegal to ask about citizenship, actual citizenship for any kids, AND arrest and removal at any time. And just for fun, a little DACA is thrown in too.

Everyone goes or everyone stays

The Democrats have plumbed a new low! If no person is illegal, then mean it, don’t just declare stuff.

It doesn’t matter if this arbitrary, token, political handful of DACA “kids” were dragged here in “chains”.  Having law breaking parents is not an excuse or an accomplishment.  I doesn’t matter if every kid is a Purple Heart brain surgeon or rocket scientist.

Why protect just these kids? What if a child arrived on Jan 1, 2007, kick ’em out?  C’mon man! Who the heck thinks of this stuff to begin with? Why stigmatize these kids as law breakers, line jumpers and free riders?

Everyone goes or EVERYONE stays.  If everyone stays, then anyone anywhere anytime must be allowed in, especially the people waiting LEGALLY.  Nothing else makes any rational, ethical, fair to all, sense. Is there such a thing as an illegal residency status or not?  This is not complicated.

Immigration targets

“If you happened to take a breather over the past few days you may have missed that Donald Trump told the DACA negotiators last Thursday that he didn’t like the compromise they’d come up with because he didn’t want any immigrants from “shithole countries” in Africa and wondered why we couldn’t just have immigration from places like Norway.” —

Is that what Trump said?  Are those his words?

Immigration, the Democrats must not compromise

The Democrats must not cave on anything. NO COMPROMISE. NO RESTRICTIONS. Stand on your principles.

Amnesty for all 60,000,000 that are already here (yes, estimates are that high). AND, immediate entry for the estimated 500,000,000 around the world, many in far more dire straits than DACAs, that have been waiting LEGALLY. Nothing else makes any logical sense.

DACA was and is just arbitrary, capricious, illegal, unaffordable and intentionally divisive. DACA was meant to, and does foment resentment by taxpayers and stigmatizes the recipients by branding them law breakers, line jumpers, and free riders. A political ploy using a  small, token number of children as pawns, shields, and conduits. A Sophie’s Choice for America to make.

Wait, wait there’s more.  The immigrants waiting legally or those that immigrated legally are made to look like chumps.  So more resentment, more stigmatization.  These DACA “kids” are not gonna be a very popular group if they keep getting “help” from their representatives. American citizens believe their own elected officials have an obsession with non-white, non-citizens AND are harboring criminals. Sanctuary states, cities?  Just make it a sanctuary country.  Stop the non-sense.

DACA is an example of terrible, inhumane public policy and is all too typical.  A “kid” arrived on Jan 1, 2007.  Can she stay too?  Can her parents stay?  Of course, her siblings must be able to stay or immigrate.  And of course their spouses and their parents.  Family Unification! The Democrats say NO person is illegal, mean it for a change.

Why did the Democrats let the CBO score a DACA amnesty?  Does the US means test people? You opposed the tax cuts based in part by the already sky high deficit.  Now the DACA kids are just further stigmatized.

A DACA must be in school, working, or in the military?  What if they quit, then kick ’em out? The US keeps dogs on a short leash, not people. Who thinks of this “stuff” anyway? C’mon man, get a soul! And don’t do it again.

Lastly, the Democrats MUST stop demeaning and insulting the countries of origin by so stridently arguing that people need to be “protected” from being returned there.  Stop encouraging this irrational, xenophobic, racist fear of other countries. And, for example, stop arguing that Hispanics can only do ag and the US will starve without them, or that immigrants do the “dirty” manual jobs that are beneath Americans, or that Americans can’t or won’t do.  Do the Democrats WANT a caste system, Modern Day Slavery?

Democrats must stop branding many parts  of the world as ____ holes by highlighting how dangerous and crime ridden they are.  Gangs, sex abuse, corruption, lack of education, lack of employment, poverty, mis-treatment of women and children, lack of infrastructure.  Don’t just highlight and use these problems as an excuse to further a political agenda in the US, to “keep” the people that fled these countries, do something about it!  Give your money to IRC instead of ACLU for a change.  Help many there, not a token political handful here.