Covid reports

” According to medical experts tracking the virus, there are currently 153,523 confirmed cases of the virus worldwide. “
— Johns Hopkins

“We’re writing to share that we have confirmed that a member of our campus community has contracted COVID-19. The individual is a graduate student who does not live on campus or in the city of Berkeley and has self-isolated in their city of residence. The individual is in good condition and has no serious symptoms.”
— UC Berkeley

” As of March 15, 2020, the number of coronovirus cases in the United States numbered 2,571, with 51 deaths recorded. Twelve people who had the virus have recovered. “

“Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton is walking back her claim, made last week, that the state has 100,000 people who have the coronavirus.

Confirmed cases in Ohio total 14, with no deaths reported. “

Covid and the economy

“Unless this passes quickly, this would be worse for the economy than the [2007-2008] financial crisis.

In the financial crisis, most people kept their jobs. Many people maintained their spending. Now everyone is cutting their spending,” Furman continued. “Lots of people, if they don’t lose their jobs, are going to get substantial pay cuts in a potentially much more widespread way than the financial crisis.”

— Jason Furman, economics professor at Harvard University

“Policymakers need to get really creative really fast to keep this from escalating from what’s already a public health crisis into a deep economic recession.”

— Julia Coronado, MacroPolicy Perspectives

Covid in the news

Is the so-called Main Stream Media (MSM) helping?

“On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks criticized the government response to coronavirus and stated, “this is what happens when you elect a sociopath as president, who doesn’t care, who’s treated this whole thing for the past month as if it’s about him,” and said President Trump’s press conference earlier in the day, “was all his propaganda. It wasn’t honest with people.”

“The governor [Cuomo] has been harshly critical of the federal governments response to the coronavirus, at one point describing it as “absurd and nonsensical.” – CNBC